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How to Utilize Experiential Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

Professionals in the hospitality industry know how valuable customer satisfaction is to the brand.

Using experiential marketing is a way to create an impression and give customers a stand-out experience they will remember. 

Customers seek a positive experience when they stay at a resort or hotel, so trying to appeal to them via experiential marketing effectively gives them what they want and improves the brand's reputation. 

Guests with great experiences are also likely to share those details with others who may want to check it out for themselves.

In this post, I'll explain how experiential marketing can boost customer satisfaction and provide eight suggestions for experiential marketing strategies.

What Is Experiential Marketing, and Why Does It Matter?

Experiential Marketing BalloonExperiential marketing is sometimes called engagement marketing and involves in-person interactions or engaging with customers offline to create a positive experience with a brand. 

It's important because it helps you create a more personal connection with customers and helps you understand their preferences.

Consumers respond better emotionally, which is why this marketing strategy connects with the customer on an emotional level rather than a practical level. 

How to Conduct Experiential Marketing

Conducting experiential marketing is not only practical, but it also tailors the customer's experience to fit a brand and highlight its offerings.

I recommend considering these avenues for creating the ideal experiential event. 

Create Corporate Events 

T-Mobile Bring your kid to work dayCorporate events are always a hit if they are put into effect correctly.

The idea is to relay information about a brand while making the event memorable and enjoyable.

Consider offering branded merchandise, fun games or participation activities, and even food and entertainment interwoven into exciting presentations highlighting offerings, services, or company progress and accomplishments.

Plan Grand Openings

Vitamin Shoppe Grand Opening-2Anyone with a new business or new franchise opening can take advantage of presenting the public with a grand opening event.

The grand opening of a business can be fun-filled, exciting, and incredibly effective for introducing brands locally or nationally.

Offer deals and promotions, and set up a method for collecting participants' information to assist with future marketing efforts. 

Sampling Events

Food Sampling Cart

Introducing a product to potential customers is easy with a sampling event.

It's just the thing to let people experience a product and see for themselves why it's a must-have!

Samplings can piggyback easily with other events and allow everyone exposure to the items for themselves.

This method is especially ideal when offering food and drinks, but it can work for other products too. 

Glass Trucks

Ikea Glass TruckGlass-encased trucks allow brands to transport a pop-up or display to any location for customers to enjoy.

Glass trucks can also be customized to reflect the brand's identity, using vibrant graphics and branded materials.

This customization can even be extended into the interior of the truck, creating a unique brand experience for customers.

DemonstrationsIn-Store Product Specialist - Home Depot

Want to showcase what a product can do?

A demonstration is one of the oldest and most effective experiential marketing strategies.

You can show the product's benefits to a large audience and impress them with the results. 

Product demonstrations are it if you have a product that needs a little explaining!

Trade Shows

Lemonhead Trade Show Booth-1Trade shows are an incredible event for B2B businesses and wholesalers.

These events connect buyers to sellers and allow individuals to immerse themselves in a multi-day event filled with activities, booths, demos, and samplings.

These shows enable others to connect with new networks and industry professionals to help them further their business endeavors. 

Brand Tours

Brand Ambassadors - Street Teams for T-MobileBrand tours are a fun and adventurous way to introduce the public to a brand in multiple locations.

Send the street team on the road, showcase several offerings, offer branded merchandise, and provide interactive displays and games to catch people's attention.

Doing so will cement the brand in their minds. 


Dallas Cowboys and 7-Eleven Partnership Promotion - CopyPartner with an industry leader in experiential marketing to help plan and execute high-quality experiential marketing events.

Take the guesswork out of planning and wondering which options are the best to showcase a brand.

Partnerships provide support, planning, staffing, and equipment to make it happen.

I recommend this step to get the most out of your marketing strategies.

3 Tips and Reminders for Hospitality Experiential Marketing 

Experiential Marketing Tips-1I have three vital tips and points to remember when integrating experiential marketing into a business to help you make the most of your efforts. 

First, you must decide which approach works best for every event or interaction.

You might customize the experience for each loyal customer or provide newcomers with great incentives.

Next, Determine which experiential marketing event or approach that would best highlight offerings, and connect with the customers more effectively.

Using a professional experiential marketing company makes this part a breeze.

I highly recommend using their services to ensure the most exciting and memorable experience for participants. 

Finally, rotate the experiences to create variety and gauge the impact that numerous approaches have on the marketing campaign. 

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I highly support using experiential marketing to connect with customers emotionally and allow them to interact with the band face-to-face.

Use the services of a professional experiential marketing company to facilitate this process and try some of the techniques mentioned previously.

Let them provide the tools, support, and fresh ideas that help boost hospitality visibility and brand interest with the public. 

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